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Today – 15.09.2017

*Disclaimer: This blogpost is made later because I forgot to do it the day when things happened.* Today I met up with the group at school and we watched some infographics videos for ideas of our own for the campaign… Continue reading →

What I did today – 14.09.2017

Today I have been doing research for the project – consisting of me getting information for the survey (cuz we want to find out in one of the questions what brands of coffee our consumers preffer to buy) by going… Continue reading →

Today – 11.09.2017

Today I made some sketches for the “Triahlon exercises” and I (with the team) have finished the problem formultation. I started by sketching “Swinging rock climbers”: Where I have started by sketching random things that came into my mind at… Continue reading →

Today – 5.09.2017

Today me (and the team) had a meeting in the classroom about the direction we are going to go for the campaign. We have decided to go for the “free the banana” approach on the topic of “coffee”. We made… Continue reading →

Today – 4.9.2017

Fairtrade Group Project Process: Today, my individual work consists on resarch on the “Free the Banana Campaign” as part of splitting up the 3 campaign subjects throughout the team for research. 🙂    

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