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Christiania Video Assignmet

Task: With the same team, create a video about ANYTHING in Christiania and upload it on YouTube. Solution: We decided to do a documentary style video about Christiania and the people living there around Christmas based on conflict which is… Continue reading →

Final Intercative Production (Group Assignment)

Task: Create an online game that middle school students will be interested about. Solution: We created a simple animation with JavaScript that is triggered by the “<” and “>” key board buttons that lets the user “avoid” the main character’s… Continue reading →

Create Digital Business

Task: Create a Digital Business plan for a product/service that you could do as a Multimedia Designer. Our Product (the solution): An Social Media App that allows the user to spontaneously host or crash parties. (“Turn Up”). The idea for… Continue reading →

Interactive Animation

Task:  Choose a scene from a fairy tale or a movie and re-create it as an interactive animation. You should have a JavaScript function triggered by an user interaction (ex: “click”) and make it visible/obvious to the viewer as to… Continue reading →

Simple Animation

Task:  Create a simple animation using Java-Script and CSS, with a sprite-sheet, that responds to clicking on specific buttons. Solution: I made the animation using a sprite sheet: And multiple background layers: + the blue sky was made out of a <div> and… Continue reading →

Re-Design of a Bad Website (Group Assignment)

Task:  Re-Design “Gates & Fences” according to your knowledge about user friendly web design. First Impressions after seeing the original site for the first time: (Original Site’s Home Page ^ – www.gatesnfences.com/) The site did not have a responsive design –… Continue reading →

My First Website

Task:  Create a responsive web design based on your first website skeleton created, with basic HTML and CSS, which had to have these specific pages: “Home Page”, “About Page”, “CV”, “Challenges in making the website” and a “Recipe”. The first website that… Continue reading →

Logo Assigment (“Turn Up”)

Task:  Create a visual identity for your digital business. Check out our “Turn Up” App! (version 1) (inside App version) Solution: As new App designed for the youth and wanting to be “the new trend”, when designing the logo, we decided… Continue reading →

Christmas Calendar Assigment

Task: Create a video about ANYTHING in Christianshavn that would spike the public interest and maybe have a chance of being shown in a Christmas Calendar. Use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the video to your liking (no restrictions!) and… Continue reading →

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