Personal information:

First Name: Berta
Last name: Timbolschi
Gender: Female
Adress: Frederikssundsvej 227, 2700 Bronshoj, Copenhagen, Denmark – ap. 101
Phone number: +45 50167679
Email: berty1000@yahoo.com
Website: toonstalesandtools.com

Educational Training:


AP Degree in Multimedia Design & Communication


Technical Draftsman at Art High School  “Romulus Ladea” Cluj-Napoca


·      Industrial Design

·      Computerized  image editing  (Photoshop, Corel)

·      Basic  site  building  (HTML)

·      Still life


Personal Skills:


Mother tongue: Romanian
Other: English
Listening Reading
C1 C2
Oxford Placement Test: C1

Communication Skills:

+ good communication skills on sharing ideas and working in group projects;

Digital Competence:

Newly acquired  IT competences:

+ good command on Photoshop

+ good command on Adobe Illustrator

good command on HTML, CSS, basics of Java Script (proof: personal website)

+ good command of office suite (Microsoft Word Office, Microsoft PowerPoint)

+ good command of photo editing software gained as an art school student and amateur animator (Photoshop, PhotoScape, Bamboo Sumo Paint)

+ good command of a visual image creating software gained as an art school student (Corel)

+ pretty good command on site making software gained as an art school student (Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver)

Other skills:

+ industrial design

+ creation of comic books/comic book characters

+ caricatures

+ animation

+ prototype construction

Additional Information:


The Diploma Project  as an industrial designer (“Technical Draftsman”): “The Multi-functional Kettle”

Hounours and Awards:

Mention  for the drawing contest “A Beautiful Dream – FLYING” from The Association  for Propaganda and History of  Aeronautics and ARPIA Cluj





http://duki.one/Bunnybike/Index.html (group project)