This week I was unfortunately very sick with the flu and have missed too much school for me to be able to catch up in time for making the hand in so – considering that the rest of us in the team were not very good at coding – we have decided to leave this job up to one single person in the team who knows how to code very well.

We had to make a data visualisation map – using JSON.

As obvious as it seems, it did not turn out the way we all would have liked… The map did not have original (or even accurate!) data and was not working on any other browser than Google Chrome. Also, the phrasing that would appear with the data was not very good either. 🙁


Moral of the story: Never leave all the work to any project to only one person in the team – not even for only a week – no matter the circumstances, we should have all tried our best to work through it and help our coder – and even contribute with ideas!

That’s it for this week!