Monday (2-10-2017) – Friday (6-10-2017):  I went to school and participated in all the class learning exercises regarding Adobe Aftereffects!

We have learnt how to:

  • Animate things in adobe animator;
  • How to loop the animations through coding and the different kinds of loops you can do with it (“offset” and “pingpong”);
  • Some more tips and tricks on making animations in Aftereffects faster and more professional;
  • Introduce and animate text;
  • Use the tracker effects (which was essential for editng the 360 video in the campaign later on);
  • How to use Skybox in oder to create a VR cube in Aftereffects;
  • How to export a video from Aftereffects properly;
  • How to embed it in a webpage (for a few seconds long video) + making it loop!

I have also watched some of the Lynda tutorials listed in the literature list but I could not concentrate to learn as much as I learnt in class hands on!

Saturday (7-10-2017) – Sunday (8-10-2017): I have made a new storyboard for the data visualisation video that we thought that we are going to make but did not do it when we found out that it was not necessary and it was a big misunderstanding about it. 🙁

The storyboard was refined and done with the new model presented in class during this week (with image progression included):

storyboard3-01 storyboard3-02 storyboard3-03 storyboard3-04 storyboard3-05 storyboard3-06 storyboard3-07 storyboard3-08 storyboard3-09 storyboard3-10 storyboard3-11 storyboard3-12 storyboard3-13 storyboard3-14 storyboard3-15


Then, I have turned this storyboard (a few pages of it) into a VR experience with Aftereffects for the Monday morning assignment!

Side point: Embedding the video into a HTML document created a lot of trouble as Adobe Media Encoder (which I was supposed to export it in the right format to work for the webpage) was not working for me because of some troubles with my Adobe CC App so I figured out how to convert the video into the specific format with Adobe Premiere Pro – where I have imported the video exported by Aftereffects’ own encoder.


The sad part was after all that we have spent so much time and put so much effort into making the concept of this video that we were very disappointed to find out that it was not a requirement + it was too complex to be able to carry it on through to the end!

Moral of the story: We should be a lot more careful in the future when reading what is required for us in order to avoid this kind of situation happening again and we should always keep it as simple as possible in order to keep the good, professional quality despite the deadlines.

That’s it for this week!