This week we have been working on getting our things together on the website that we are going to present to Fairtrade on Friday! I have contributed to it by making the mockups for the website with Karlina and then we have been “guiding” the coder to respecting some details of the site’s intended design.

We all have been working very chaotically these weeks, especially the last one because of being more focused with our internship research and applying to them.

Personal reflection: This is the point where we go back to our group contract to see where we went wrond and we realise that we have not really been respecting the organisational tools listed in there (like the Kanban Chart) and instead we have used Google Docs in order to organise everything. -> Which if I stand back and look at it was really good at keeping us organised but I definetely would think that not clarifying these things from the begining has brought a lot of trouble and disorganisation to our team.

Another problem that came up into the team was when we have not specified punishments very clearly in our group contract and we have had trouble with one person in the team (who has been mostly idle throughout the project) and we have spent a lot of time deciding on what to do with her before we kicked her out.

Mild puishments could have also been a great tool to avoid minor but very impactful mishaps in our project.

Looks like making a solid group contract and respecting it throughout our work would have a great positive impact for the next projects that we are going to do! 🙂