Due to the tight hand-ins that we had this week (and the lack of time resulted by this on my part), I am going to combine all of this week’s daily logs into one big post that I am going to write right now! 🙂

25.09.2017: Unfortunately, I was sick that day so I did not do anything other than just do some reading to catch up with the courses at home.

26.09.2017: I met up with my team at school and we have decided together for the things that we were going to present to Fairtrade on Tuesday. Then we have picked out the subjects that we wanted to talk about (each of us) and, for the most part, we have picked out the things that we worked on the most in the report of the week before.

After school I have also started on my part of the presentation, creating my speech as I was making the slides with the cronometer on the side (as I wanted to make sure that I was not going to exceed 20 sec with my speech).

27.09.2017: In that day I have finished the presentation and polished it at the end of the day (as a whole, including a teammate’s, who has gotten sick, ‘s part and could not do it properly + correcting mistakes in the whole thing, taking advice from my groupmates – as I was the only one who could do the final edits, considerng that the final version that I was doing the editings was the downloaded powerpoint presentation in my computer and we could no longer edit together on goolge docs 🙁 ). In the end I handed it in, of course, and I started practicing my speech.

In the end, the thing that I have learnt from making this kind of presentation (as I was so restrained by time and the amount of words used in) was that I can actually get my point more straght forward & faster and a powerpoint presentation does not to be full of text and boring in order to get taken seriously (I feel like it is more about the design of it that gives the credibility).

Even though I would never do a Petcha Chuca (don’t know if I spelled it right) again unless it is mandatory, I would definetely shorten my message as much as possible and get straight to the point much quicker (even though that might be longer than 20 sec) and decongest my slides of unuseful, boring text and replace it with more attractive images whenever I will have to present in the future.

28.09.2017: In the morning when we met up at school we repeated the presentation as group as much as possible until it was as close to perfect as possible using the presentation on the side on somebody’s computer to simulate the real thing.

And then… we presented! 😀 & got feedback from Fairtrade.

29.09.2017: When we met up at school this morning (the team), we have got more feedback from our professors and then we started working on the E/R Diagram Assignment and we finished it + handed it in on Fronter.

30.09.2017: I have been watching tutorials on Adobe Aftereffects on Lynda in order to get an idea of what we can and cannot do on our data visualization video (and it is also mandatory).

1.10.2017: Right now I am writing the post about this week’s log because I have just realised I forgot to do it!

That’s it for this week