This weekend I have put together what was left for the assignment, including making a storyboard (images 1-14) for the infographics video that one of my groupmates has then made a prototype of and testing it on users (including the whole concept of our campaign). I have also worked on the estethics (including putting the mockups for the website together to make more space on the page and make it look more ordered – image 15) of the final hand in and I have delivered our work on Fronter when we were finally done refining it.

storyboard-01 image 1

storyboard-02image 2 storyboard-03image 3 storyboard-04image 4 storyboard-05image 5 storyboard-06image 6 storyboard-07image 7 storyboard-08image 8 storyboard-09image 9 storyboard-10image 10 storyboard-11image 11 storyboard-12image 12 storyboard-13image  13storyboard-14image 14


image 15

That’s it for this weekend!