Today I have met up with my group and put together the pieces of work that we have all done in the last 3 days for the assignment that has to be done on Sunday. We have checked for spelling mistakes and any other problems that could occurc, suggesting improvement phrases when needed. I have re-done the survey that has failed 3 days ago because of confusion encountered by the users (we only had 6 answers) with Karlina.

Also, I have made some mockups (based on Karlina’s sketches and moodboard) of the campaign website in order to be able to test it tomorrow. They look like this:

fairtrade-01fairtrade-03fairtrade-02fairtrade-05fairtrade-04fairtrade-06fairtrade-07We decided on making a simple scroll website where we present the problem to our audience in a very attractive way.

That’s it for today!