With the same team, create a video about ANYTHING in Christiania and upload it on YouTube.


We decided to do a documentary style video about Christiania and the people living there around Christmas based on conflict which is that,

as an independent district ran by its own community, some parts of Christiania residents’ lives should remain unknown by the world – suggested to us by the “no cameras/filming” rule. However, this rule does not apply during the Christmas Market time of the year which might inhibit some of them and forcing them to change behaviour or hide… Would you REALLY like that during the holidays yourself? Shouldn’t we think better before we pull out a camera?

Project Organistion:

Ihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvaWYQB3mDI have made the Synopsis and the Production Plan + filmed some of the shots that were used, Balo Alpar did the Story Board + most of the shots used in the final product and Cate Sutherland did the editing and the voice-over.