Task: Create an online game that middle school students will be interested about.

deep dark fears


We created a simple animation with JavaScript that is triggered by the “<” and “>” key board buttons that lets the user “avoid” the main character’s fears.

The main idea of the game is making a playable Halloween themed story about a little boy who tries to avoid his fears but that is only making him run in circles which makes for a tragic ending that is actually a “relieve” because when you die you actually win.

We used 4 sprite sheets:



(little boy walking: both directions)

sleepingspritesheeta(the boy waking up)


(the “Pumpkin Head Mom”)

And 4 backgrounds (the first one has 2 versions – with and without monster standing in the window):



(the boy’s bedroom)


(the front of the house)


(the forest)


(the lake)


All background were made by me in Illustrator.

Link:  http://duki.one/Bunnybike/Index.html

What we could have done better:

The graphics of the game could have looked a little bit more polished by making more layers (like illustrating more of the main character’s body and putting the bed cover blanket over it to make it look more “realistic”, instead of just illustrating the sleeping head).

The instructions of the game are not very clear: in the below section of the video, there’s an “instructions” image of the controls which is not very visible and is not very precise either, leaving the user confused as it shows all the control arrows when you only need the “<” and “>” to play the game.

PrintAlso, the end of the game (when the player dies) is very glitchy and as you advance in the game and you’re not dying, it gets more and more glitches – the monsters start not to work properly anymore.