Task:  Create a visual identity for your digital business.

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As new App designed for the youth and wanting to be “the new trend”, when designing the logo, we decided that we had to go for something simple, minimalistic and of great impact to the public like the Pinterest logo is (just a simple stylised “P” that also looks like a pin).

At first, we wanted to go on the same path as Pinterest and Facebook with the first letter logo and made our stylised “T” that did not actually turn out the way we wanted it to because as much as we wanted it to symbolise our app in its shapes and colors, some user testing (conducted by me) showed us that it did exactly the opposite – which was making it feel formal (the blue color) and more like a real estate App (the arrow that goes up from the “T”.


After a survey I did in the class I decided to completely redesign our App Logo based on the results that I have got:

We asked them: “What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of party crashing or parties in general?”

A disco ball;
A lot of people (standing in front of a night club);
Colourful lights;
Somebody starring from outside;
Glasses/Shot Glasses.

Out of all of these “party illustrations” we decided to use the Disco ball, colourful lights (illustrated by the gradient in the vibrant colours that were used and the disco ball shine) and the stranger starring from outside (illustrated by the position of the person in “the side of the disco ball”, which gives the feeling of mysteriousness) for the final version of the app icon.

Also, the minimalistic picture of “the stranger” gives you the feeling of an anonymous Facebook profile picture which makes it look like a social media app.

As for the choice of color, we chose using purple and the purple shaded hot pink as purple is associated with dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic. Also, the hot pink part of the logo is a result of combining the meaning of energy, strength and power from red with the qualities listed above from the colour of purple. We also wanted to make the colors match at least a little bit with the App UI as it was a pretty big problem assessed by our users in the surveys we have done.

What I could have done better:

 It turned out in the end that, in my determination to make the logo as simple and minimalistic as possible, it doesen’t have enough detail to suggest the message very clearly to the users. So a little bit of some detailing to the disco ball (like a little bit of a grid to the upper left side) would have been useful in suggesting more clearly what the object illustrated is and, therefore, that this is a Party Crashing App.

Link:   http://toonstalesandtools.com/turnuplogo/TurnUp.svg