Task: Create a Digital Business plan for a product/service that you could do as a Multimedia Designer.

Our Product (the solution):

An Social Media App that allows the user to spontaneously host or crash parties. (“Turn Up”).

The idea for this App is to create something for the youth to use it (and abuse it) as the target group itself contains some of the biggest consumers of internet of all time!

Also, as this App’s content is mostly user-created (like YouTube) it never gets boring and it leaves us with not much work to do on the side other than maintenance (making sure it stays bug-free and updating it when necessary).

Our business plan is counting on the number of consumers being large enough to get revenues from Google Apps and iOS without charging users for the App itself but by inserting ads inside of it.

The process of “making it happen”:

After we’ve got the idea we need a plan for actually doing it if it was to turn real:

    1. We started by defining the idea with making a initial budget plan, establishing our 9 building blocks from our Business Model Canvas and making the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).
    2. After all above has been established, we started on the design of the App itself and the contact/download website. Aleksej coded the website and made the App design mockup with images created in Photoshop and using marvelapp.com to make it look real and be able to test it on the users.
    3. In the end, to sum it all up – we started on writing the final report!

My part in the project:


When making our budget plan (one of my parts in making the project with Svetoslavas Dergaj), I decided to go for a budget plan calculating our costs as if we were in the case of not being Multimedia Design Students – having a place to meet up (the school building) or any equipment (computers, antiviruses etc..) at all – and we needed to start from the ground up because making an App wouldn’t give us costs that would be considerable for a budget plan if we were to start from the confort our school provides.


Helping Aleksej with the App User interface design in terms of suggesting colors and ways to make it more user friendly and assessing what needs to be in the UI. Also, I did the testing of the UI through some of our classmates/teachers in order to understand more clearly what needs to be done to improve it and make it match our logo (which was my part to make it) as well.

Checkout the Logo Assignment to see it!

User Interface:


How does it work?

“Turn Up” works a lot like SnapChat in terms of the user being able to post short clips/photos (which act as an virtual spontaneous invitation to the house party hosted by the users) that only appear for a desired amount of time (up to a maximum amount of time which is set for safety).

Users can then easily join the party by clicking the “on my way” button (filling up a slot to the maximum guest number which can be set by the party host up to, of course, a safe limit put by the App).

What we could have done better:

“Turn Up” doesn’t have a very complicated UI but when we first thought of the App we were thinking of making it anonymous and just capture and post type of App without ANY option buttons or a friends list but because of safety reasons, we had to change all that and make it “a little bit more complicated to use”.

Link to mock-up App: https://marvelapp.com/132fc95/screen/17181971