Create a video about ANYTHING in Christianshavn that would spike the public interest and maybe have a chance of being shown in a Christmas Calendar. Use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the video to your liking (no restrictions!) and upload it on YouTube. The video should be up to 2 min. long.


First, making our team!

-Balo Alpar-

-Aleksej Kanarciks-

-Timbolschi Berta-

-Cate Sutherland-

Making the video:

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see anything that looked really festive for Christmass (at least in our opinion) in Christianshavn so we decided to keep the Christmas vibe by trying to make the whole neighbourhood look “a little bit more decorated”. Therefore, we decided to film from the highest point of Christianshavn (the top of the “Church of Our Saviour”) and then I tried to make a short animation in Premiere by overlaying Illustrator files directly over the video.


What we could have done better:

We could have searched Christianshavn a little better (maybe we would have got something more interesting to film for the video);

Being pressured by time, I didn’t get to do the animation EXACTLY the way I wanted which was “making it snow” over the neighborhood – but that could have only been done by layering captions of the video when drawing the “snow” in Illustrator to get the shape of the snow just the right fit on the top of the houses and that would have taken a lot more time – so I had to put a poor image of a gingerbread town that I found online over the town after the “decorating animation”, which made the video look cheap..