Hello, world! In this post I am gonna make a “Top 3” of the websites that impressed me the most while browsing the internet! They might not be the ones that I use on a daily basis (some of them I never use) but they are definitely remarkable when it comes to their design and kind of memorable for me.

    • www.molamil.com


What I really liked about this site is the way it changed color themes based on the brand you clicked on for more details but still keeping the same design. The animations were also eye-catching.

molamil-3 molamil-5

molamil-2 molamil-6

molamil-4 molamil-7

    • www.boldking.com


What I liked about BoldKing was the animation which is simple but also had a huge effect and made me feel more involved as a user by taking me through the “production process” of those blades…

boldking-1 boldking-3 boldking-2

and the recycling process as well! 😀
boldking-4 boldking-6 boldking-5
    • www.doudoublues.com


What impressed me about this site is the “Home”-ey feeling of the illustrations, which look handmade. It also makes you feel like you are there by making the animated details fade and get bigger as they get closer to you. The calm music also warms up the atmosphere!

doudou-2 doudou-4 doudou-3


Thank you for reading my post! Bye for now! 🙂